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Exclusive Training for Administrative Professionals

  • Date: Saturday, August 8, 2020
  • Time: 9am - 12pm PT / 12pm - 3pm ET
  • Location: Online Video Conference
  • Cost: $88.00 (Includes post-event access to recordings of each session)
  • Speakers: Lindsay Robinson + Jeremy Burrows + Al-Husein Madhany

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Topic Highlights:

  • Resisting Burnout as a Leader Assistant: You spend much of your day taking care of your executive(s). It's time you take care of yourself. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic. 
  • Mastering Motivation and Building Trust Remotely: With the increase in remote work during a global pandemic, you have to work harder to stay motivated and build trust with your executive. Learn to master both in this digital age.
  • Rock Your LinkedIn Profile: Rock Your Profile is a program that LinkedIn offers to educate employees, members, customers, and partners on profile best practices, and how to connect to opportunity on LinkedIn.



*All Times PST

9:00am -> Welcome

9:10am -> Session 1 + Recognizing & Resisting Burnout (Jeremy Burrows)

9:45am -> Session 2 + Mastering Motivation in a Digital Age: Building Trust Remotely (Al-Husein Madhany)  

10:45am -> Session 3 + Rock Your LinkedIn Profile (Lindsay Robinson)

11:30am -> Session 4 + Ask Me Anything Q&A

12:00pm -> Event Ends (Get on-demand access to the recording of the event)

Instructors with decades of EA experience.

Lindsay Robinson

Executive Assistant at LinkedIn + Former Assistant at the NBA

Jeremy Burrows Speaking

Jeremy Burrows

EA to CEO at Capacity + Founder of Leader Assistant Live + Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller, The Leader Assistant

Al-Husein Madhany

Al-Husein Madhany


I left the Leader Assistant Live event feeling very empowered! I now truly feel like I am not just an Assistant, I am a Leader Assistant. - Taneel M., Executive Assistant, Kansas City, MO

Jeremy’s content for assistant leaders is spot on!!! It's refreshing hearing someone who advocates for assistants and really helps paint the picture of why they are so valuable. - Whitney D., Executive Assistant, Baltimore, MD

The event was awesome! I loved the attention to detail at every turn. The presenters were accurate, helpful, inspiring, genuine, and FUN! I can't say enough... THANK YOU!!! - Kelly R., Executive Assistant, Kansas City, MO

Al-Husein is a captivating speaker who ignites a fire in hundreds of attendees in less than 3 minutes. I paid $1,800 out of pocket to attend an event because he was on the agenda. The mark of a great speaker is someone that moves you to action and Al-Husein does just that. He challenges you to take control, confront and walk through the discomfort, and write the next chapter of your professional journey. Since initially seeing Al-Husein last year, my ROI has more than 10x'd and this is only the beginning. And yes, this includes asking for and receiving reimbursement on my initial investment. - Maggie J., C-Suite Executive Assistant, San Francisco, CA

This was an eye-opening event! It challenged me to own my future rather than relying on the company I work for to show me the way. - Betsy B., Executive Assistant, Kansas City, MO

Jeremy is the real deal -- he was "walking his walk" way before he ever thought about "talking his talk." Over the past eight years running my own business, Jeremy has been a great resource and has often challenged me with words of wisdom regarding the best and highest use of my time. I am not sure there is someone on this planet who better understands not just the role and best practices for being a leader assistant, but who can articulate the how's, why's, do's and don'ts so effectively. - Mike W., Best Selling Author & International Speaker, St. Louis, MO

The role of an Executive Assistant is a unique role that not many understand. How refreshing to be encouraged and motivated by professionals who have walked where we walk. I would highly recommend this training to anyone in this role, wanting to get in this role, even wanting to get out of this role! It's worth every minute of your time. Do something to invest in yourself. - Ronda M., Executive Assistant, Kansas City, MO

Leader Assistants do more than schedule meetings.

If you’re ready to stop reacting and start leading...  

If you're ready to level up and work at your highest potential...  

Then this live, online, motivational and practical training is for you.



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If you're unable to join us live, you can view the on-demand recording that we'll share within a few days after the event.


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*Refund Policy: NO refunds. 

If you're unable to join us live, you can view the on-demand recording that we'll share within a few days after the event.

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